What are the Best Oxygen Rich Foods That Increase The Oxygen Level In Your Body

Oxygen rich foods increase the oxygen level in your body i.e. tomatoes, dark green leafy vegetables, orange juice, lemon, berries, and etc. They are full of vitamins and minerals.

You know that the Coronavirus that attacks your respiratory system. Which causes a lack of oxygen in your body. In the second wave of the Corona period, people are losing their lives because lack of oxygen. Below we are telling you some such oxygen rich fruit, foods, and remedies.

What is Oxygen Rich Foods

Oxygen rich foods increase the level of oxygen in your body. Oxygen-rich food is carbohydrates and proteins, as are dairy and meat products. If you include a breakfast smoothie, whole eggs, or some nut butter, you will consume more nutrients than with an omelet or fry up in the morning.

Processed food has all the micronutrients that you need for healthy brain function. You can find some of the best foods in organic stores but don’t overlook that supermarkets and large chains are producing these products. You know the kinds of foods that are bad for you extra fat, sugar, and salt.

Oxygen Rich Foods That Increase The Oxygen Level

Today we will tell you about some foods that are full of vitamins, iron, and calcium. Which gives you strength or power by balancing the level of oxygen in your body.

When your lungs are breathing more easily, you have improved oxygen levels, which will help you feel better overall. Now discussing oxygen-rich fruits and foods read till the end your doubts are cleared.

1. Avocado, raisins, celery, ginger, and carrots, all these foods are rich in antioxidants, which are beneficial for health and increase immunity.

2. Grains, apricots, and apples are rich in fiber. Many enzymes are found in them. Which balance the hormones of the body. If you want to improve the level of blood oxygen in your body. Then start eating these oxygen-rich fruits right now.

3. Grapes, pears, raisins, and vegetable juices are all rich in vitamins A, B, C, and antioxidants. Consuming these fruits, the blood flow in the body is good and the risk of heart diseases is also reduced.

4. Seaweed, hyacinth, all these foods reduce the acidic effect.

5. Mango, papaya, parsley, lemon, and watermelon all these fruits that are best for kidney cleaner. Lemon, watermelon, and mango are all rich in vitamins and rich in oxygen.

6. Organic gelatin is the natural substrate of gelatin. It contains high levels of calcium and iron which is good for health.

It is a very high-level fiber diet, which is easily digested by the body. It is a good diet that increases the amount of oxygen.

Food Rich In Oxygen For Improving Oxygen Level

Oxygen rich foods are full of vitamins and minerals. The regular consumption of these foods may help prevent some forms of cancers and lower the risk of other types of illnesses.

Today I am telling you about top fruits and foods that supply oxygen to your body. If you eat these fruits and food you never feel a lack of oxygen in your body. Everyone knows that how important oxygen is to our body. Without oxygen no life on the earth.

  • Vitamin C is found in yellow lemons. You must include this in your diet. This will help in avoiding many diseases. It helps to increase the level of oxygen.
  • Garlic is beneficial for health. Alkaline is present in sufficient quantity. It also helps in increasing oxygen.
  • Sprouted grains(alfalfa, clover, corn, whole-grain wheat, barley, rye, millet, rice, and oats) are beneficial for health. They work to increase the amount of oxygen in the body. You can add sprouted gram, lentils, and moong, etc to your diet.
  • Berries are oxygen-rich and high antioxidant fruit. They are beneficial for the body. Its pH value is 8. Antioxidant properties are present in it. Some antioxidant foods are Bananas, Carrots, Currants, Celery, Avocadoes, Dates, and garlic
  •  Spinach is very high in iron. The iron present in it helps to carry oxygen in the whole body.

What Should Be Your Body Oxygen Level?

The oxygen level in the body should be 99%. If it falls below 96% then the person becomes a victim of hypoxia and other diseases. Oxygen levels decrease when there is any lung disease. Gasps, anemia, Corona, and weakness are its symptoms.

How To Check Oxygen Level At Home With Oximeter?

An oximeter is a device that measures the level of oxygen in your blood. The sensor in an oximeter picks up the difference in the amount of oxygen in your blood and what it is supposed to be.

Oxygen Level Table

Oxygen % Oxygen level
95%-100% Good
94% Correct
90-93% Low
80-89% Very Low

Check Oxygen Level At Home

Use a special device called an oxygen saturation meter to measure the oxygen level in a blood sample. If the oxygen level in your blood drops below 85%, immediately seek emergency help.

It is similar to a clip.  By pressing the clip, we insert the finger inside it.  And it grabs the finger.  When your finger moves inside it.  This machine then leaves a light on it.  After leaving the light, the level of oxygen in it is based on the color of the blood cells.  It shows you on the display.

Steps To Check Oxygen Level

  1. Decide the type of test that you wish to have.
  1. Sit comfortably.
  1. Breathe in normally and gently, with each breath-hold for 3 seconds.
  1. Exhale slowly and easily without holding your breath.
  1. The test can be taken at any time, but when you are tired it is better to do it before you go to bed.
  1. After completing the test, you can calculate your blood oxygen level using a simple method.
  1. A blood oxygen level of 90 percent is normal for adults.
  1. If the level is lower than 90 percent then you can take a blood oxygen level test at the hospital or a laboratory.
  1. If the level is between 90 to 100 percent, you should avoid heavy physical activity.
  1. If the level is above 100 percent then you should avoid heavy physical activity.
  1. Your doctor will give you a test report. You will receive information about your oxygen levels by speaking to your doctor in detail.

It is advisable to consult your doctor before doing any test. If you are aware of any condition which can affect your oxygen levels, consult your doctor immediately.

How to check oxygen levels at home without an oximeter?

If you have no pulse oximeter, then we are telling you some such symptoms. If your oxygen level is down. According to experts, if your oxygen level is low then your heartbeat will be greatly accelerated.

The heart rate should be between 60 and 100 in a normal condition, while the breathing rate should be 12-20.

These two symptoms, if your fingers, nails, lips, and nose are getting blue, they are also signs of lowering of oxygen level.  If this is the case, then do not delay in going to the doctor.

Five Tips To Improve Your Oxygen Levels Naturally

Try to eat fresh, boiled vegetables like spinach, bell peppers, potatoes, carrots, and beans. Reducing your salt intake can help you reduce excess fluid and inflammation. Instead of salt, try herbs and spices such as peppermint, parsley, and turmeric, which are all herbs that can help your lungs.

Tip 1: Do Exercises

Lungs, breathing, Prone position, and other exercises, more advanced forms of cardio can reduce the risk of developing heart disease. Aim to be outside for a couple of hours each day, instead of just taking a stroll around the neighborhood. While it’s unlikely you’ll develop cardiovascular disease at healthy body weight, it’s definitely not something you should overlook. If you have the opportunity, get a heart-healthy diet and start exercising.

Tip 2: Walk Daily At Morning And Evening

Body, mind, and wealth want the safety of all three, so you need to walk. By taking regular walks in the morning and evening, your body remains active. The active body always keeps your food fresh and happy. Make active your body’s cells.

Tip 3: Add Minerals and Vitamins In Your Diet

Good food is very important to stay fit and healthy. If the time of food, its selection, and its quantity is right, diseases can always be avoided. Children-old and women-men all need essential things like vitamins, carbohydrates, iron, fat.

Tip 4: Drink Water

Drinking water has the ability to flush your system of toxins. This cleanse keeps your skin clean, shining, pushing out bacteria, and reducing the risk of acne and other skin problems.

We’ve all heard that 8 glasses of water each day is the best. But the truth is, how much water do you need. But there are some basic guidelines:

    • Adult men: 15.5 cups/day(3.7 Litres)
    • Adult women: 11.5 cups/day(2.7 Litres)
    • Children, ages 1-3: ~5 cups/day
    • Children, ages 4-8: 7 cups/day
    • Girls, ages 9-13: 9 cups/day
    • Boys, ages 9-13: 10 cups/day
    • Girls, ages 14-18: 12 cups/day
    • Boys, ages 14-18: 15 cups/day

Tip 5 : Take Antioxidant Diet

An antioxidant is an element that removes toxins from the body and reduces its unassertive effects. It makes the body resistant to disease. It is present in the body in the form of elements like Vitamin C, Vitamin A & Vitamin E, Selenium, and Beta Carotene. Antioxidants prevent the effects of increasing age by reducing the risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, and blindness.

How Can I Increase My Oxygen Level At Home Naturally?

Running, jogging, brisk walk, cycling or aerobics maintain the normal amount of oxygen in the body. During this, the person breathes and exhales quickly, which keeps the lungs healthy. Do 30 – 45 minutes of exercise daily. Add yoga also to improve your health and wellness.

Include soaked almonds, walnuts, dates, cashew raisins, etc. in the daily diet chart. Consume nutritious things like lentils rice, green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits and vegetables, turmeric milk, poha, lemonade, coconut water, ghee, etc. Add all these recipes to your diet. Also, do a little exercise so that your health be fit and fine during this covid second season.


All these foods add to your diet increase the oxygen level of the bloodstream in the body. The above steps also Improve the immune system. By taking them regularly, you are protected from diseases and viruses. You must include these oxygen rich food and substances in your diet to increase the level of oxygen in your body and to lead a healthy life.


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