Top Yoga & Exercise To Relief Back Pain

Continuously working on the computer, laptop cause back pain. Lifting heavy weights, running continuously, is a common cause of a backache. People have back pain once in their life. Backache is common among people between the age of 35 and 55 years.

According to age, the problem of back pain starts. But now the lifestyle is such that no one sees the backache. Back pain usually causes pain in the lower back. This pain is usually not severe and resolves in a few days, weeks, or even months. But trouble has to be taken for a long. The structure of the back includes muscles, bones, discs, joints, ligaments, nerves, etc. Back pain occurs due to any of these.

Yoga To Relief Back Pain

The problem of back pain is becoming very common. Since work from home has started, the problem of back pain has increased. Due to sitting on the laptop for a long time or not having the right body posture. If you are planning to take medicine to relieve pain, then it is better that you take the help of yoga and exercises. Today we are telling you about some yoga, which helps in removing the lower back pain.


1. Balasana / Child Pose

Balasana is a pedestal of simple, basic, or difficulty levels. Daily practiced for 1 to 3 minutes. It does not require any repetition. Balasana stretch in the hips, thighs, and ankles. While it helps in strengthening the waist, neck, and shoulders.

It affects a posture of relaxation by yogis while doing yoga. In this posture, the body moves to the position of the fetus. It helps to make the thighs shapely and relieve backache.


Method of Balasana

  •  Sit on your knees on yoga mats.
  •  Touch both ankles.
  •  Spread your knees outward slowly.
  •  Draw a deep breath and lean forward.
  •  Move the abdomen and exhale.
  •  Widen the sacrum at the back of the waist.
  •  Now pull the hip towards the navel.
  •  Stabilize on the inner thigh or inner thighs.
  •  Try to lift the head from the back of the neck slightly.
  •  Try to pull the tailbone towards the pelvis.
  •  Bring your hands to the front and place them in front.
  •  Both hands will remain in the direction of the knees.
  • Try to touch both shoulders from the floor.
  • The stretch of your shoulders should be felt throughout the back with a shoulder blade.
  •  This position for 30 seconds.
  •  Breathe in slowly.
  •  Tilting the pelvis down, lift the tail bone, and return to normal.

2. Bitilasana and Marjaryasana / Cat and Cow Pose

Both Bitilasan and Margaryasan are postures of the configuration category. In this posture, the spine is moved up and down. This asana is done by drawing inspiration from the habit of bending the spine of a cow and cat.

If we talk about humans, then apart from having sex, a person never gets a chance to bend the spine or spine. Therefore, this asana helps in strengthening your kegel muscles. Both these movements lead to many positive changes in your sex drive. This asana helps a lot in relieving back pain.

Method of bitilasan and margarisana

  •  Sit on both your knees by laying a yoga mat on the floor.
  •  To perform this asana, you can also sit in the posture of Vajrasana.
  • Now place your hands on the floor.
  •  Raise your hips while placing a small weight on both hands.
  •  Straighten the thighs upwards and make a 90-degree angle to the knees of the feet.
  •  Your chest will be parallel to the floor and you will look like a cat.
  •  Now take a long breath and tilt your head backward.
  •  Push your navel from bottom to top.
  •  Simultaneously raise the tailbone.
  •  Now while keeping your breath out, tilt your head down.
  •  Apply the chin of the mouth to your chest.
  •  Look at the distance between your knees.
  •  Keep in mind your hands should not be bent in this posture.
  •  Keep your breath long and deep.
  •  Turn your head backward and repeat.
  •  You should repeat this action 10-20 times.

 3. Adho Mukha Svanasana / Downward Facing Dog Pose

The oblique bronchosphere is practiced to increase flexibility throughout the body and to relieve any pain in the groin or neck. Both the waist and neck are considered very sensitive in the body.

During this yoga, your hips are in the air. Which increases the circulation of blood to the pelvis portion. While the head becomes inferior, the brain becomes more agitated. This asana also helps to increase inner confidence by toning your muscles.

Method Of Submergence

  •  Lie on your stomach on a mat.
  •  Breathing and lifting the body with the feet and hands.
  •  Draw a table-like shape.
  •  While exhaling, slowly raise the hips upward.
  •  Keep elbows and knees firm.
  •  Make sure that the body comes in the shape of the inverted ‘V’.
  •  During this yoga, the shoulders and hands remain in a straight line.
  •  The feet will remain in line with the hips.
  •  Keep in mind your ankles will be outward.
  •  Push the hands towards the ground and try to pull the neck longer.
  •  Keep the ears touching the inner side of your hands.
  •  Try to focus your eyes on the navel.
  •  Stay in this position for a few seconds. After that, kneel on the ground.
  •  Return to the table-like position again.

4. Uttanasana / Standing Forward Bend

Uttanasana is a Sanskrit language word. It literally means a loud stretching / stretching posture. The practice of this asana has some wonderful benefits to the body. This asana not only heals your body but also gives you new life.

During the practice of Uttanasana, the head is under your heart. Because of this, blood flow starts from the feet instead of towards the head. Due to this, a significant amount of blood and oxygen starts reaching the brain.

Uttanasana is a moderate-difficulty hatha yoga style posture. The duration of this should be between 15 and 30 seconds. It does not require any repetition. The practice of Uttanasana causes stretching on the hips, hamstrings, and kavas while strengthening the knees and thighs.

Method of doing Uttanasana Yoga

  •  Stand upright on the yoga mat.
  • Place both hands on the hips.
  •  Breathing in, make the knees soft.
  •  Bend forwards while bending the waist.
  •  Try to balance the body.
  •  Move the hips and tailbone slightly backward.
  •  Slowly lift the hips upward and the pressure will start coming on the upper thighs.
  •  With your hands, hold the ankle from the back.
  •  Your legs will be parallel to each other.
  •  Your chest will touch the leg top.
  •  There will be a space between the bones of the chest and the pubis.
  •  Press the thighs inward
  • to keep the body stable on the heels.
  •  Tilt the head down and look at the legs.
  •  Stay steady for 15-30 seconds in this position.
  •  When you want to leave this position, shrink the abdomen and lower limbs.
  •  Pull the breath inward and place the hands on the hips.
  •  Slowly raise and stand up as normal.

5. Bhujangasana / Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana is the 8th step of Surya Namaskar. Bhujangasana is also known as Cobra Asana. The body forms the shape of a snake. This yoga is done by lying on the ground and bending the back.  The head is in the raised posture of the snake.

Bhujangasana has many benefits. It makes our back strong and the spine flexible. It makes our digestive and reproductive systems strong. By this, spinal strength and flexibility can be increased. The ability of all the organs present in the lower abdomen can be increased.

Method of performing Bhujangasana

  •  Lie on the ground on the stomach.
  •  Place both palms near the thighs towards the ground.
  •  Keep in mind that the ankles keep touching each other.
  •  Hands equal to shoulders and palms towards the floor.
  •  Put the weight of the body on your palms, and breath in.
  •  Lift the head and pull it back.
  •  Till this time your elbow will be bent.
  •  While pulling the head back, remove the chest also forward.
  •  Drag the head like a snake’s funnel.
  •  Note that the shoulders stay away from the ears and the shoulders remain strong.
  •  Increase the pressure from the hips, thighs, and legs towards the floor.
  •  Keep the body in this position for 15 to 30 seconds.
  •  During this time, maintain normal breath speed.
  •  Feel like your stomach is pressing towards the floor.
  •  You can also do this asana for 2 minutes after practice.
  •  To release the pose, slowly bring your hands back to the side.
  •  Rest your head on the floor. Keep your hands under the head.
  •  Gently bend the head to one side and breathe slowly for two minutes.

 6. Pawanmuktasana / Wind Relieving Pose

Pawanmuktasan helps in removing unnecessary gas from the digestive system of the stomach. Therefore it is called Wind Releasing Pose in English. Pawanmuktasana is an excellent asana, which is considered very important for good digestion.

Pawanmuktasan helps to stretch the muscles of the stomach and waist. Patients suffering from problems of poor digestion (Indigestion) are usually advised to perform Pawanmuktasana.

There is some difficulty in doing this asana, but with regular practice, Pawanmuktasana can be done very easily.

Method of performing Pawanmuktasana

  •  Lie on your yoga mat in the abdomen Shavasana.
  •  Bend the left knee and bring it near the stomach.
  •  While exhaling, hold the fingers of both hands together.
  •  Keep the fingers below the knees.
  •  Now try to touch the chest with the left knee.
  •  Raise the head above the ground and try to touch the knee with the nose.
  •  After touching the nose with the knees, stay in this posture for 10 to 30 seconds.
  •  Breathing slowly, return to normal.
  •   Do the same process with the right leg.
  •  Repeat this pose 3 to 5 times in a yoga session.

 7. Supta Matsyendrasana / Reclined Supine Twist

Supt Matsyendrasana is also known as Supine Twist, The Recycling Twist, The Recycling Lord of the Fish Pose, and The Jathara Charannasana. By doing this asana, many diseases are removed and by doing this, the horoscope power is awakened.

This asana makes the spine bend long and strong. Along with this, it massages the internal organs and frees them from toxins.

Method of dormant Matsyendrasana

  •  Lie on your back on the yoga mat.
  •  Spread both hands on both sides of the shoulder.
  •  Fold the right leg from near the knee and lift it upwards.
  •  Rest the right leg on the left knee.
  •  While exhaling, lift the right hip.
  •  Fold the back to the left and allow the right knee to move downward.
  •  While doing this, keep both hands on the ground.
  •  The right knee should remain completely on the left side of the body.
  •  Turn the head to the right.
  •  Stop for 30 to 60 seconds in this posture.
  •  Then come back to normal

Exercise To Relief Back Pain

If you have a strong and healthy backbone, then it shows the strength of your internal strength, sharp and balanced mind as well as the structure of the internal bones of your entire body.

These three exercises should be included by everyone in their routine. These are very easy exercises for strengthening the back and spine, by adopting which you can maintain a strong waist and healthy body.

Back Pain

Lumbar Rotation

Lie on your back on the ground. Bend your knees. Place your feet on the floor. Keeping your feet together, move the knees to both sides. Always keep in mind that your back should be stable while doing this. Each time doing this, return to the original position. Do both sides at least five times, gradually you can increase it.


  •  Reduces back pain.
  •  Helps strengthen the lower back.
  •  Reduces waist stiffness.
  •  Your lower back mobility increases.

Pelvic Tilts

Lie on your back straight and bend your legs and bring them to the back. Flatten your back against the floor by creating pressure around the abdominal area. Hold for 10 seconds. Do this as often as you can. Make it a regular practice.


  •  Strengthens the lower back.
  •  An individual helps to make the body flexible.
  •  Tones your butt.

Hamstring stretches

Hamstrings are forms of stretches. This is what is usually done. In this, you sit and spread your legs forward, making sure that the legs are not adjacent to each other. Try to hold your feet with your palms while bending your back.


  •  Strengthens the lower back.
  •  The hamstring helps reduce pain.
  •  Reduces back pain.

Relief For Back Pain Home Remedies

Some people feel pain in the middle or lower part of the waist. This pain can spread to the hips. Back pain problem increases with increasing age. The result is trouble working. It can be avoided by changing some habits. Let us learn about some such remedies to get rid of back pain.

Due to lack of calcium, vitamin C in the body, periods, sitting in the wrong posture, etc., the problem of backache is faced with the problem. Know some home remedies.

Not only the elderly but also the youth are getting increasingly upset due to the problem of back pain. Due to today’s changing lifestyle, back and back pain problems have become common.
In the body, due to calcium, vitamin C deficiency, arthritis, muscle strains, periods, sitting in the wrong posture, back pain problems are faced with the problem.

Most people take a variety of medicines to get rid of the problem of back pain. But if you want, you can get rid of this problem through home remedies.


To get relief from back pain, put 8-10 basil leaves in a cup of water and boil it on low heat. When it is half left, turn off the gas and allow it to cool. After cooling down, add a pinch of salt and consume it daily. This will relieve you from back pain for a long time.

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In the morning, consume 3-4 garlic buds on an empty stomach. If you feel hot, then soak 3-4 buds in water at night and consume it in the morning.


Soak fenugreek at night and drink it in the morning. Fenugreek should be sprouted and consumed.

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Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties which help in relieving back pain. For this, make an herbal tea by consuming half a teaspoon pepper, one and a half teaspoon clove powder, and one teaspoon ginger powder.

Rock salt

Add water to the rock salt and make a thick paste. Put a cloth in it and squeeze it lightly and remove the excess water. After that tie it to your waist. This will ease your pain.

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Lower Back Pain Home Remedies For Women

Back pain is a common problem for women. Irregular menstruation, lack or excess bleeding in menstruation is a major cause of low blood pressure. Even after menopause, there is a complaint of hemorrhage in women. Women also suffer from gynecology, white leucorrhoea, blood leucorrhoea, weak bones of the waist. Regardless of the reason, women are overweight, their physical ability and functioning are affected. The mental state of a woman is also affected due to this pain. She becomes irritated due to pain. Annoyance becomes his nature.

  • Take equal quantities of both poppy seeds and black pepper and keep it finely powdered. Take 10 grams of powder regularly with warm milk in the morning and evening. This definitely brings relief from the underworld.
  • Mix 150 grams mustard oil and 35 grams indigenous camphor and fill it in a vial and keep it in the sun. When the camphor melts, massage it gently on the waist with hands. Doing this regularly for a few days gets rid of the patient.
  • Toast 5 grams of turmeric powder and drink sweet milk from above. Take it regularly in the morning and evening.
  • Baking with neem leaves decoction in Kamardard is beneficial. Break the soft leaves of neem and make its decoction (by boiling it in water, the decoction is ready). After this, soak cotton or clean cloth in the said warm decoction and bake it in a painful place.
  • Massage on the waist every day with almond oil and grind 5 kernels of almonds (soaked in water in the night and peel in the morning), taking it with milk keeps away the pain.
  • Boil 5 dates and add 2 grams of fenugreek powder to it, regular drinking takes away the blood.
  • Boiling lotus cucumber powder in milk and drinking it removes leucorrhoea and provides relief from pain. No matter how painful the Kamardard is, there is definitely benefit from its intake.
  • Remove ginger juice by mixing it in coconut oil and heat it. Then filter it and keep it warm while lukewarm. This will give instant relief to women from their work.
  • Take 40 grams of juice from the green leaves of Dhatura. Mix 3 grams of rock salt and a little bit of poppy and heat it. Then remove it and massage it on the waist. By doing this for 3-4 days, the patient is completely cured.
  • Remove the kernels of the date-makers and fill them with pure Guggul powder. Then apply a thick paste of flour on them and bake it on high heat. When they start burning, take them off the flame and after cooling, remove the flour and grind the date-palm with guggul and make small tablets. Take one tablet each morning with sweet lukewarm milk.

If you feel that a stressful situation is coming or going in your life. Then you should prepare yourself mentally and physically to face that situation beforehand. If you are already experiencing stress, you will need to seek the help of a physician. If you are constantly complaining of back pain, do not ignore it at all. It also a serious illness. Do a medical check-up once.


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