How Make Watermelon Juice At Home Made Me a Better Housewife

Summer is here we do not feel like eating food, its the time to eat some cold things and drink. You have to take care of your own and your children’s health. If you feel like not eating food, you can eat fruits and salad. You can make juice from it. Watermelon is not a recipe, but you can call it a beverage or juice. Yes, today I have come up with a method to make watermelon juice for you.

It is very easy to make and it helps us a lot in avoiding summer. If you like to eat watermelon then cutting it and adding light salt to it. Make watermelon juice is very easy, you can make it within 5 minutes. so let’s see how it is made and what we need to make watermelon juice.

How To Make Watermelon Juice At Home

Watermelon is a fruit in which water is very high. This is the reason that not only the lack of water in the body is fulfilled by eating watermelon in the summer. But the body especially in the stomach remains cool. Eating watermelon or watermelon juice is very beneficial in many diseases.


  • Watermelon: 1 Kg
  • Mint leaves: 10-12 leaves
  • Lemon: 1 (2-3 teaspoons)
  • Black Salt: 1 teaspoon (according to your taste)

Method of Make Watermelon Juice

1. Peel the watermelon and cut its red portion into small pieces. Remove black seeds from it.

2. Then pour it into the juicer jar. Add mint leaves and salt.

3. Then grind it for 2 minutes.

4. Then sieve it so that its remaining seed comes out.

5. Now take it out and serve in a glass. Decorate it with mint leaves or with other sticks.

Keep in mind

  • Take the watermelon juicy and red.
  • If your watermelon is not sweet, you can also add a little sugar to it.
  • If you want cold juice, keep it in the fridge.
  • After making watermelon juice, drink it for under 10 minutes, or else it can be dangerous.

Benefits Of Drinking Watermelon Juice 

  • Watermelon juice also helps in reducing weight.
  • It removes stress and makes you relax.
  •  Drink a big glass of watermelon juice to relieve constipation.

How To Make Watermelon Shake


  • Watermelon 2 kg
  • 1 lemon
  • Ice cube
  • 1 cup mint leaves
  • Sugar as per taste

Method of Make Watermelon Juice/Shake

Wash the watermelon and cut it into pieces. After cutting, take out the green peel and seeds of the watermelon. Cut the inside red pieces into small pieces so that they fit easily into the mixer.

Now put all the watermelons in the mixer. Grind them well. Its pulp and juice will dissolve very well in a short time. Now take it out and sieve it in a sieve.

To increase the taste of the juice, squeeze the juice of one lemon in it. Add an ice cube to it and mix it well. If you want, you can increase the test by adding mint leaves to it. You can make it sweeter if you like adding sugar to the juice.

How To Make A Watermelon Milkshake


  • Watermelon 3 cup
  • Cold milk 1 cup
  • Sugar 2 small teaspoon
  • Ice 1or 2 cube

Method of Make Watermelon Juice/Milkshake

  • Add watermelon, milk, and sugar to a Juicer. Now start the mixer and make a shake of watermelon.
  • Now add ice cube on shake.
  • Your cool and yummy shake is ready.

How To Eat A Watermelon

  • You can consume watermelon by cutting it.
  • Watermelon can also be eaten as a salad.
  • Grind the watermelon in the mixer, make watermelon juice and drink it.

Watermelon does not eat that time

  • Never eat watermelon on an empty stomach.
  • If you are eating watermelon on an empty stomach then take salt with it.
  • If you have a cold or flu, do not eat watermelon at all.
  • Asthma, heart and sugar, kidney patients should not take small amounts or not. The amino acid in it can make asthma and potassium a little difficult for the heart, increasing the level of sugar.
  • Do not consume any liquids or water after eating watermelon.
  • Do not drink water after eating watermelon.
  • There is a diet against rice and watermelon, keep a gap of 3 hours between them.
  • Do not eat watermelon at night.
  • Do not eat watermelon warmed due to sunlight. First, cool it by putting it in water.
  • Cut watermelon and eat immediately. Do not keep chopped watermelon in the fridge as well.

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Benefits Of Water Melon

Weight loss diet must include watermelon. Watermelon has very few calories but it fills the stomach for a very long time. 100 grams of watermelon contains only 30 grams of calories. It contains about 1 mg sodium, carbohydrate 8 grams, fiber 0.4 grams, sugar, 6 grams, vitamin A 11 percent, vitamin C 13 percent, protein 0.6 grams.

  • Eating watermelon keeps cholesterol levels in the body under control, so watermelon is also helpful in preventing cardiovascular diseases.
  • Regular intake of watermelon removes the problem of constipation and it is also helpful in increasing blood.
  • Due to cold watermelon, keeps the mind fresh and gives relief in summer.
  • Beta-carotene and antioxidant elements found in watermelon do not let the effect of free radicals on the body so that your skin always glows.
  • Vitamin A and Vitamin C are found in plenty of watermelons which help in fighting infectious diseases. During summer, if you consume enough watermelon, then there will be no deficiency of vitamin C in your body and you will never get flu.
  • Due to the rich amount of folic acid in watermelon, it works to strengthen our hair as well as enhance the color of our skin.
  • Lycopene element found in melon helps reduce arthritis, asthma, stroke, heart attack. It also reduces the effect of the sun’s deadly UV rays on our skin and also eliminates the effect of pollution.
  • Watermelon is fat-free, it helps in reducing obesity. Therefore, it is no less than a gift for gourmet people.
  • Watermelon prevents breast, prostate, stomach, and lung cancer and is beneficial for cancer patients.

I am sure you liked this method of making watermelon juice. If there is any doubt in your mind about this, then you can ask in the comment box. If you want to know about any other recipe other than that which I have not told you yet, you can ask in the comment. I will always try to answer your questions as soon as possible. If you like this article please share it with your family and friends on your social media. Thanks for staying here and read this post.

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