Best way to “Protect Eyes from Mobile Screen” at All Time

When you are looking at the mobile screen and any device screen all day for work, it can have a serious impact on your health. If you need to use a computer for work, it may seem unavoidable. The best way to protect the eyes from the mobile screen has basically become a necessity for most people.

Protecting the eyes from mobile screens and computer screens is more important than ever, but dealing with the problem effectively is more about prevention than treatment. Simple preventive measures help protect the eyes from computer screens and mobile screens, and we are going to take a look at some of those measures in this article.

Best way to Protect Eyes from Smartphone

To avoid serious problems, this is the best way to protect the eyes from the smartphone screen, with the following simple methods:

1. Relax your eyes for a moment:

To give your eyes a break, try to keep your hand at least 16 to 18 inches away from your eyes. Its purpose is to temporarily relax the eye muscles and give the eyes a little rest. While looking at your smartphone for about 20 minutes, rest for 15-20 seconds, and look far away.

It helps to focus your eyes and somehow helps reduce symptoms. If your eyes are dry, use artificial tear drops containing methylcellulose and lubricate your eyes. This can help in some way.

2. Adjust your brightness:

Too bright or dark of your screen makes your eyes tense and can cause problems in maintaining focus. So you grab your phone, unlock the screen, and stare in horror as your eyes burn. Sometimes, the lowest brightness setting is dangerous for your eyes. To end the problem in a matter of seconds or so, just go to your Smartphone settings and adjust the brightness of your screen.

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3. Turn off the Smartphone before sleeping:

Blue light can also affect your sleep by suppressing the production of the hormone melatonin. This hormone plays an important role in the regulation of the sleep cycle. Therefore, switch it off at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

4. Keep a clear screen:

Regularly wipe the screen of your Smartphone with a dry (not wet) cleaning cloth to remove dust, grime, and fingerprints.

When you clean the touch screen follow these steps:

  • Cleaning with a microfiber cloth.
  • Switch off before cleaning the touch screen.
  • Give the screen a once over by brushing it with the microfiber in small circles.
  • Disinfection with Alcohol Gel.

 5. Tweak your text size and contrast:

Adjusting your smartphone text contrast and size also provides some relief. This makes it easy to read web content, email messages, WhatsApp messages, calendar appointments, and everything else on your phone.

How do I change the text size on your Redmi Note?

Procedure :

Go to Settings>Display>Text Size

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How do I change the font style in a Redmi Note?

Procedure :

  1. Go to the Themes app.
  2. Click on ‘Get More Themes’
  3. Click on ‘Font’ in the top right corner
  4. Select your desired font and click download.
  5. After downloading, click on the ‘Offline’ option in the Font section (The window opened after Step 3).
  6. Click on the downloaded font and click apply.
  7. Reboot your device and enjoy the new font.

6. Splash eyes with water:

If you Splash your eyes with water. This activity will relieve irritation and reduce dryness in the eyes. It can also reduce problems such as blurred vision and helps the eyes to focus better.

7. Get an anti-glare screen protector:

Most mid and high-end smartphones come with an anti-glare screen by default, but if not yours, go immediately. Anti-glare screens are not expensive but can make a big difference as they reduce the amount of blue light that gets to your eyes. Try to avoid glare from windows and lights. Use an anti-glare screen if needed.

What are the Effects of the Mobile Screens on Eyes?

The study found that blue light causes toxic reactions in retinal molecules in the eye that sense light and signal the brain. Toxic chemical reactions kill photoreceptors in the eye and cannot be recovered once they are dead.

“The retinal-generated toxicity by blue light is universal. It can kill any cell type,” said Karunarathne.

Sunlight is the main source of blue light, and being outside during daylight is where most of us get maximum exposure to blue light. But there are also many man-made, internal sources of blue light, including fluorescent and LED lighting and flat-screen TVs. Most notably, display screens of computers, electronic notebooks, Smartphones, and other digital devices emit significant amounts of blue light.

The Risks to your Eyes through these Screens are-

  1. Blurred vision
  2. Tiredness
  3. Red eyes
  4. Eye strain/stress
  5. Dry eyes

What is the best eye Protection Mobile Phone?

When it comes to choosing one of the best eye protection mobile phones in the world, it is absolutely important to do your research thoroughly. This is because there are so many Smartphones available in 2021. So, with the following best eye protection mobile phones are:

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

That Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is extremely expensive but gives Samsung’s technology the best, including a 108-megapixel camera, 5x optical zoom, and an enhanced S-Pen stylus. You get a huge 6.9-inch QHD + AMOLED screen that can run at 120Hz.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Specifications
Display 6.90-inch, 1440×3200 pixels
Processor Samsung Exynos 990
Storage 128GB
Battery Capacity 4500mAh
Rear Camera 108MP + 12MP + 12MP
Front Camera 10MP

Asus ROG Phone 3

The Asus ROG Phone 3 is designed primarily for gaming but is a well-rounded flagship-class phone. It is large and heavy thanks to its 6000mAh battery and cooling appliances, but it is extremely powerful with its Snapdragon 865+ SoC.

Asus ROG Phone 3 Specifications
Display 6.59-inch, 1080×2340 pixels
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+
Storage 128GB
Battery Capacity 6000mAh
Rear Camera 64MP + 13MP + 5MP
Front Camera 24MP

One Plus Nord

OnePlus Nord has a new budget offer, which manages to deliver the same Android experience as the OnePlus 8, but at a more affordable price. It has placed all staples such as AMOLED display, war charge fast charging, and a large battery in the Nord.

OnePlus Nord Specifications
Display 6.44-inch, 1080×2400 pixels
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G
Storage 256GB
Battery Capacity 4115mAh
Rear Camera 48MP + 8MP + 5MP + 2MP
Front Camera 32MP + 8MP

Vivo X50 Pro

The Vivo X50 Pro is a part of the Vivo X series that serves the high end of the market. The Vivo X50 Pro is the first Smartphone in India to sport a gimbal camera system.

Vivo X50 Pro Specifications
Display 6.56-inch, 1080×2376 pixels
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G
Storage 128GB
Battery Capacity 4315mAh
Rear Camera 48MP + 13MP + 8MP + 13MP
Front Camera 32MP

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How much brightness is good for eyes in the mobile

Blue light is not the only thing that can damage your eyes in a short time. We have prepared a list of things that you can do to protect your eyes outside of getting a blue light phone filter or blue light glass. Both the bright screen and the dark screen will affect your eyes. It would be better to cast it to a normal glow that is higher than dark and less than bright. However, you can add brightness automatically, so the phone will adjust it accordingly or manually, depending on the surroundings.

Best glasses to protect eyes from mobile screen

When you work on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, eyeglasses are designed to protect your eyes. They can help you see your screen more clearly, whether it is large or small, and can help protect your eyes from harmful blue light from mobile or computer screens. Computer or mobile eyeglasses with BLU Smartphone lenses block 98% of harmful blue rays from digital devices. These glasses are available in zero or other power.

Some eyeglasses are:

1. Matte Blue Gunmetal Blue Full Rim Square Lenskart Air Signia LA E12856-C3
2 . Blue Transparent Full Rim Cat Eye Kids (2 Yrs) Vincent Chase Kids Owlers VC E11661-C5 Eyeglasses
3. Black Full Rim Round Vincent Chase HD Acetate VC E11262-C1
4 . Matte Black Full Rim Aviator Vincent Chase Steel Escobar VCE13046-C3
5. Black Full Rim Round Vincent Chase HD Acetate VC E11262-C1

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Glasses specs

  •  Lenses shaped by laser precision machines.
  • Same price no matter what your power.
  • 1-year warranty on all lenses.
  • 50% lower prices than a local optician.

Benefits of using mobile or computer glasses

  • Sleep better, Blue light controls our sleep/wake cycle.
  •  No eye strain.
  •  Better eyesight.
  •  No fatigue.
  •  Long term benefits to eyes.
  • No redness in eyes.


Through these simple steps, you will be able to enjoy your smartphone at the same time and avoid any problem with the eyesight. With these helpful hints and tips at the office workspace and at home, you should be able to live your life happily while working with a screen. If you take these tips and invest in a blue light phone filter or even blue light glasses, you would be good to go. If you like this blog post, share it with a friend, and comment on it.

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